BrikStar CS

for dust extractors and small filter systems

BrikStar CS - compact and strong. A real power pack under your filter installation.

Concentration on the substantial
Our small and compact range of BrikStar CS are perfectly made for crafts enterprises or industries with low quantities of pressed material. All types of this series are delivered compact and ready to use (plug-in) as a complete press with frame mode construction and integrated hydraulic – for an extremely competitive cost-benefit ratio.

Slender technique
The agitator and screw feeder are solidly built; each is driven by its own gear motor to ensure maximum reliability. The PLC controller with user-friendly display includes an hour of operation counter and briquette counter as well as briquette length control as standard equipment. An integrated start/stop sensor prevents unnecessary operating time. The briquette length and throughput vary according to the base material, while the solidity of the briquettes stays consistent.

Varying accessories
If you want to install your briquetting line outdoors, we supply sturdy weather protection cladding and hydraulic
system filling with artic oil as special accessories. The optional oil cooler (CSx-09/09 and CSx-15/09) is recommended for continuous operation without breaks.


  • Universal in combination with Vacumobile, MultiStar filter systems and third-party makes
  • Complete plug-in briquetting press including hydraulic aggregate → reduces installation costs
  • Real PLC (programmable logic controller) → flexible technique, quick start up
  • Briquette diameter = Ø 65 mm → ideal for transport and storage
  • Solidly built connecting flange for transport chute → dimensioned for long distances as well
  • Hopper with motorised agitator and a screw feeder that pre-compresses the material, with deflector plates in the corners → the hopper is emptied reliably and bridging is prevented
  • Main briquetting cylinder generously dimensioned → outstanding briquette quality even for those materials difficult to briquette
  • Low noise hydraulic with vibration damper → absorbs operation sound
  • Hydraulic pressing tongs in a very sturdy design with electronically controlled automatic briquette length control  → minimise operating costs and ensure briquettes of top quality

Brikettierbare Materialien

The BrikStar CS briquetting press processes dust and chips from wood

  • Wood
  • Straw
  • Paper
  • Tissue
  • Plastics
  • and many other cellulosic materials.

Test the Brikstar CS

We want you to know for sure that it will work. Test the BrikStar!

  • Send us a sample of your material
  • We‘re doing a test pressing.
  • You receive your briquette and an analysis report
  • The decision is yours