BrikStar C

Briquetting presses

BrikStar C. C like “Compact”

Briquetting can be so simple.

The dust and chips produced are compressed by your  BrikStar C briquetting press into high-quality briquettes. The BrikStar reliably and without a hitch around the clock - of course with minimum energy input for maximum  briquette output. 

Briquettable materials

The BrikStar C briquetting press processes dust and chips from wood

  • Wood
  • Straw
  • Paper
  • Tissue
  • Plastics
  • and many other cellulosic materials.


Test the Brikstar C

We want you to know for sure that it will work. Test the BrikStar!

  • Send us a sample of your material
  • We‘re doing a test pressing.
  • You receive your briquette and an analysis report
  • The decision is yours

What are the advantages of the BrikStar? You invest in quality.

Over 2,500 BrikStar briquetting presses are proving themselves worldwide in tough continuous operation. They are robust, clever operators with an economical  control system and an optimum energy/output ratio.

With the BrikStar C, you can process materials such as wood, paper, tissue, plastics, straw, etc. and much more into quality briquettes.

Reduce volume

Reduces the volume of the material ratio 1:10 (max.)


Equipped for continuous operation

The BrikStar C7 and C11 presses are equipped as standard with oil coolers for 24h operation

All inclusive standard equipment

Operating hours and briquette counter, press pressure display, temperature monitoring, automatic briquette length control and much more


Reliable feeding

The generously dimensioned screw trough and the stable dosing screw ensure continuous material feed

Simple operation via touch panel

Access to all information and settings with a few finger movements


Light and rough material

The clever design allows the processing of many organic materials

Long lifecycle

Designed in an extremely compact and robust frame construction



Easy access to the machine from all four sides

Plug´n Press

Your BrikStar is delivered ready to plug in


Practical and safe

Inspection door with safety shut-off as shutdown for safe operation

Up to 170 kg/h throughput capacity

Entry from BrikStar C3 (max. 50 kg/h) up to BrikStar C11 (max. 170 kg/h)


Silent hydraulics

Anti-vibration-damper reduce the operating sound

Large briquette diameter 65mm

Enables optimum conveying, storage and thermal utilisation of the briquettes


Main press cylinder with extra power

Excellent briquette quality even with less easily briquettable materials

Automatic briquette length control

Ensures consistently high briquette quality and length even with changing material types


Functional reliability

Vertical corner plate linings prevent bridging in the container

Automatic operation

A rotating paddle detector monitors the automatic start/stop function and reduces operating hours and energy consumption.




Produce up to 170 kg briquettes. Every hour!

Produce your heating material yourself

Wood-containing briquettes are valuable and popular energy sources. Your BrikStar C produces high-quality briquettes with optimum energy values.

Safe storage and disposal of critical dusts

Briquetting removes the risk of explosion from the dust. Many dusts can thus be deposited or returned to the recycling process.