Bagging carousels

for automatic or manual operation

Bagging carousels for briquettes

With every turn. With every bag. Efficient!

Bagging carousel AK 6/10-HW/HZ (for automatic briquette filling)
There is no easier way to pack briquettes. Your bagging carousel is completely assembled and delivered ready for connection. The carousel stands stably and securely on three feet, each is equipped with a weight sensor. The six or ten plastic bags for the briquette bagging can be easily attached and quickly removed. The holder height can be adjusted to the bag sizes and the waste bags can be fastened and released quickly and easily by means of clamps. The bagging carousel reduces your work effort in briquette production to a minimum - remove full bags, clamp empty bags and continue production.


  • space-saving design
  • 6er or 10er variant selectable
  • compatible with standard bags
  • low energy consumption
  • precise, automatic weighing device
  • simplified briquette handling reduces personnel costs
BrikStar V with bagging carousel

Also available

  • Bagging carousel AK 6-HW/AK 10-HW (with weighing device)
  • Bagging carousel AK 6-HE/AK 10-HE (without weighing device)
  • Bagging carousel AK 6-HM (manual variant)