Paper production / processing


Bong GmbH, Solingen, Germany

Newly erected production plant for the manufacturing of envelopes - sustainable operation with material separation and energy-saving features.

Year of construction:   2013
Description of installation:   Filter installation MultiStar JQ/12-6/454 with fan top module and integrated clean air fans. Every suction of the production disposes of a material selector-switch to be able to recycle according to type. If production facilities are not used the frequency converter automatically adjusts the suction performance.
Filter surface:   454 m2
Air volume:   54,000 m3/h
Fans:   4 fans DER 045/500, 30kW
Discharge:   via material separator into container, separated according to types for best possible recycling
Control:   Control cabinet with PLC control and frequency converter
Special features:   the installation supports the sustainability concept of Bong GmbH