Höcker Polytechnik is celebrating its 60th anniversary


For 60 years, Höcker Polytechnik has been one of the leading companies in the industry. For “Polytechers”, team spirit and a love of innovative technology are at the forefront. On 16 September, the company celebrated its 60th anniversary with employees, friends and business partners.

The company's new image film was presented as part of the anniversary celebrations, delighting the 500 or so guests.

When the merchant Günther Höcker founded his trading and assembly company POLYTECHNIK on 1 July 1962, he laid the foundations for an impressive success story. He was quick to recognise the market’s actual needs, concentrating on the development and production of space- and energy-saving extraction and filtration systems. In 1991, corporate foresight and intelligently managed growth led to the next logical step: the company established a production and distribution site in Poland in addition to the existing Hilter site. This new site soon became a very important part of the company.

In 1993 there was a changing of the guard, with Günther Höcker handing over the reins to his son Frank, who continued to focus on progress: in addition to expanding the business in the new states of the Federal Republic of Germany, he also promoted the establishment and maintenance of a quality management system. In 2001, he appointed Christian Vennemann, a long-time employee and authorised signatory, as the second Managing Director. Today, the two Managing Directors continue to work together successfully.

By 2009, the Hilter site was bursting at the seams; it had to accommodate the company’s growth. Frank Höcker decided to make the largest single investment in the company's history: a new office building was erected in 2010, followed by a new logistics centre in 2012. With a footprint of 3300 m2, the logistics centre provides ample storage space as well as an order picking area. In 2014, Höcker Polytechnik added coating systems technology to its product portfolio through the acquisition of Pipgras Lackieranlagen GmbH. In 2015, another solar power plant went into operation on the roof of the production facility; in total, this generates over 230,000 kW/h of electricity annually. The buildings have been largely independent of fossil fuels since 2021 thanks to modern heat pump heating and cooling systems. This energy management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 50001 since 2016.

Owner Frank Höcker (l.) and Christian Vennemann in the new logistics hall in 2020 – the two Managing Directors work together very successfully

When Höcker Polytechnik launched tapio on the market in 2017, it became the world's first manufacturer of extraction systems that are 100% interface-compatible with tapio (Industry 4.0 for wood processing). In addition, the company opened a new laser centre in the second plant in Poland, and a year later the completely new MultiStar C hybrid filter system was launched on the market. Innovations such as the newly developed Vacumobil with IE5 efficiency power pack and the Vacumobil MD160 medium-pressure dust extractor were presented to the public in 2020 and 2021 and have driven the company's success to date.

The construction of an another new company building with a multi-storey car park began in 2021 and is scheduled for completion at the end of this year. This is where the entire electrical engineering department with switchgear construction will be relocated, together with the design and IT departments. This new building will also be equipped with a solar power system, providing a further 150 kWp. Construction will continue in the coming year and production will be expanded; and in Poland, too, the excavators will busy again next year.

Today, Höcker Polytechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of extraction and filter systems for efficient process waste disposal in the wood processing industry, the cardboard and corrugated board industry and the recycling industry in Germany and Europe. It is also an innovative manufacturer of paint booths. The company’s extensive product range also includes briquetting presses, waste compactors, shredders, separators, ventilation systems and energy efficiency systems. On request, Höcker’s engineers can tailor each system to the specific conditions at the customer's site.

The service before, during and after installation is of course just as important as the right products and the planning know-how. A total of 80 fitters ensure fast response times and expert service when it is needed.

Aerial photograph of the company premises in September 2022: Office, production and logistics building with new structure on Borgloher Strasse

Höcker Polytechnik is committed to the principles of quality, sustainability and safety. The quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and this high quality standard is maintained by the quality assurance team. Höcker Polytechnik's products are designed for low energy consumption, and the company's own energy management system is certified in accordance with ISO 50001. Product safety is guaranteed by German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the German safety mark GS, as well as official explosion tests for filter systems and rotary valves.

Höcker Polytechnik serves all major markets worldwide. We have our own sales offices or trading and service partners on all continents. Round-the-clock customer service is guaranteed to ensure the maximum operational reliability of installed systems.

To date, we have developed, produced and installed more than 60,000 systems. Höcker Polytechnik is one of the largest employers in Hilter a.T.W., offering excellent social benefits as well as further and advanced training opportunities. We are currently training 32 apprentices.

Always one idea ahead – for our employees, Höcker Polytechnik’s claim symbolises our self-imposed obligation to recognise trends today in order to develop products that tomorrow's market will demand.

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