Höcker Polytechnik relies 100% on renewable energy

The world's resources are limited, and the consumption of these resources often has far-reaching consequences. Despite all this, we as people and as a company are of course dependent on the use of electricity and gas. We are aware of this responsibility and act in a sustainable and responsible manner.

The best and cleanest energy is of course the energy that is not needed. We therefore generate the majority of the electricity we generate ourselves with our photovoltaic system and reduce our energy consumption with our certified ISO 50001 energy management system and a highly motivated energy management team.

Höcker Polytechnik will use 100% renewable energies in the future and continues to pursue a sustainable energy concept. We have switched our electricity and gas contracts with our energy supplier innogy to a "natural power and gas" concept, i.e. the electricity we purchase is generated 100% from renewable energy sources in Germany and the natural gas supplied is climate-neutral thanks to CO2 exemption. This is a little more expensive, but for us it is a good investment in the future. Lisa-Marie Höcker and Marius Sandkämper implemented the gap closure in the energy concept and thus the younger generation is in the hands of Höcker Polytechnik.

Marius Sandkämper from the energy management team and Lisa Marie Höcker implemented the 100% renewable energy concept at Höcker Polytechnik.

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