A new Höcker Polytechnik trim extraction system in Upstate New York

Our North American partner, Kernic Systems, has just completed a first-class, premier installation of a new Höcker Polytechnik trim extraction system in Upstate New York. John Jurk (Kernic Systems) and Philipp Koch (Höcker Polytechnik) were on site for the completion of the commissioning phase of the install.

In the modern folding carton and corrugated production industries, high-speed, efficient, reliable trim extraction systems are a must have. At this installation, Kernic Systems installed a Höcker Polytechnik grip edge shredder to connect directly to the BOBST 145 Mastercut Die Cutter. The shredded material and dust laden air is then pneumatically conveyed in a negative pressure, high efficiency system to two PMA material separators over top of two horizontal auto-tie extrusion balers. From there, the shredded material drops into the balers where it is compressed into direct-to-mill size bales for optimized and cost-effective recycling.

This high-efficiency system minimizes manpower through largely automated processes, is very energy efficient by utilizing the MultiStar Dust Collection system, and supports environmental sustainability through efficient recycling practices. The negative pressure system design provides exceptional health and safety benefits as well including: reduced noise as no noisy material handling fans are required, improved air quality in-plant and a drastic reduction in dust plant-wide because of the more efficient system design.

Many thanks to all of those involved in the project both at Kernic Systems and Höcker Polytechnik! From the first though to the last move, it was a terrific team effort.

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