Notes on how we deal with the virus epidemic

Notes for customers and partners on the topic of corona virus

The current news situation is dominated by the corona virus which is spreading more and more. We at Höcker Polytechnik are aware of the importance of this topic and take our duty of care towards our employees and customers seriously. Special attention is paid to maintaining our production and ensuring our ability to deliver.

We try to contain the spread of the virus with various preventive measures:

  • No access to all buildings of Höcker Polytechnik GmbH for all visitors! Please talk to your contact person or call our switchboard. We will help you further!
    Telephone number: +49 (0) 5409 405 0
  • Increased health and hygiene standards . This includes disinfectants in places with high fluctuation.
  • No shaking hands
  • We inform our employees in detail and transparently about the correct behaviour in human interaction. This includes direct contact avoidance and sneezing etiquette
  • Business trips to the risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute are exposed and, in addition, are limited to the absolutely necessary minimum. Where possible, video conferences are used.
  • Our employees are required to avoid risk areas
  • We limit visits to customers, partners and suppliers to the absolutely necessary minimum.
  • We maintain a fair and honest communication structure (even without viruses) within the company. Our employees know that they will react quickly and responsibly for the benefit of their colleagues and that they will stay away from the workplace until a diagnosis is made if there is the slightest sign of illness.
  • We are in close contact with our suppliers and thus try to recognize problems at an early stage and avoid delivery bottlenecks.

In addition, we are monitoring the Covid-19 development with our crisis management team. Hopefully, this will enable us to quickly identify and act on any anomalies.

For further questions:

Christian Vennemann
Management Production & Logistics

Phone:   +49 (0)5409 405-0

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