All-round service from HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK

Here you will find the many different services provided by HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK. We place a high value on our customers being able to rely on us in the future. This is the reason why we try to give them our full support at all levels, with personal advice, with comprehensive planning, during production and of course to ensure safe commissioning and maintenance. Should you have any other wishes, write to us or simply give us a call.

Service and Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with a HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK Servicing Contract. This way you can save the needless costs of expensive repairs or even a complete shutdown. By regular operational tests as a preventive measure on your machines, our service technicians can detect possible defects or wear in time and rectify them in a planned manner with no outlay. This way you benefit from operational reliability and long-life cycles for your machinery. With this service we provide servicing contracts adapted to your needs.

Do you have a special requirement? Get in touch with us.

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