Waste compacting facilities

For the planning and construction of complete waste disposal installation we rely on balers, stationary compactors and mobile self compactors on renowned producers and partners. Depending on the waste type and quantity we use packing stations, mobile compactors, stationary or horizontal balers. We guarantee a complete clarification of all interfaces and integration of these machines with Höcker Polytechnik installations and control units.

Our systems

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Reasonable discharge

The recycling of recourses respectively the discharge of waste material is an important skill in the business of many companies. In order to minimise costs investments have to be useful. Long-term experience in the range of environmental techniques as well as most modern development and production systems enable Höcker Polytechnik to produce functional cost-effective machines and plants.

Thought out thoroughly

Due to the close collaboration with producers of compacting installations and the optimised feeding of these compactors with Höcker Polytechnik material separators the reliability increased. An energy optimised, environmentally friendly waste disposal system comes into existence.

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