Separators & Cyclones

Material separators and cyclones are used for large-area production waste that has to be separated due to procedural reasons for further discharge.

Our systems

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Functional principle

Under operating conditions waste and dust laden air are brought together into the separator. While the material separator separates all coarse material nearly pressure less, the dust laden passes the separator and is cleaned without any problem in a down-streamed filter installation.

Just for the big ones

Cyclones are as well excellently suitable for the pre-separation of material and need depending on the air volume a high headway.

Essential benefit

Höcker Polytechnik separators are reliable and suitable for continuous operation of a high material and air volume through put with low energy consumption. The connection of down-streamed filter installations and pressure less material discharge units are possible without restrictions. The installations have a particularly compact construction with low overall height and easy access for maintenance and inspection works.

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