Paint cabins / System PIPGRAS

Let your products shine. Paint booths and industrial paint fog extraction systems by HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK / System PIPGRAS are an “all-inclusive, carefree package” for your paint shop.

The painting booths are planned for your company on an individual basis by experienced project engineers and monitored through to completion. This way you secure the best painting results for your investment.
Your company and your products are the focus of our attention when it comes to planning. Starting with preparation for painting with sanding work stations, by way of professional paint booths right up to drying rooms, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK / System PIPGRAS allows you to achieve the best for your needs.

Always with the objectives of
• Optimizing coating quality
• Increasing productivity
• Reducing energy consumption
• Improving the handling of the item to be painted

Due to increased productivity, low energy costs and the optimum quality of the painted surfaces, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK / System PIPGRAS paint booths very often pay for themselves for a business in just a short time. Talk to us.

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