PaintStar with Paintblock filter elements

Vive la révolution! The PaintStar paint spray mist extraction system simplifies changing the filter

The filter of the paint spray mist extraction must be able to "breathe” freely to ensure optimum surface quality. Regular filter changes are therefore an important must-do task in any spray booth or spray wall. Every filter change costs money and is the cause of annoying downtime in the paint shop.

Less frequent, faster and more ergonomic filter change

There now is a new filter system on the market that significantly extends the filter life and so promises consistently good spray mist extraction performance. The PaintStar system with Paintblock filter cubes.

Enormous filter surface area greatly extends life

Each of these easy-to-use, compact Paintblock filter cubes contains a complex pre-separator and a post-filter. One Paintblock provides up to 10 m2 filter area per 1 m2 front face area of the filter wall. The cleverly devised inside design of the cube increases its capacity to catch paint spray by up to tenfold. The result is a powerful, low-maintenance and cost-effective filter system.

Quick and easy-to-install shelf system

Höcker Polytechnik has designed an easy-to-install shelf system specifically for the Paintblock filter elements. The PaintStar shelf system for Paintblock filter cubes allows you to sink the filter cubes into the wall in newly installed paint and spray walls or to operate them as non-recessed against the wall. All these options facilitate the recommended replacement of the filter cube inside the spray wall. This allows the filter life to be fully exhausted.

Spray wall with folding carton Pre-filter

Successful retrofit modernisation
PaintStar shelf system with
Paintblock filter cubes

The PaintStar filter block system breathes new life into “old” spray walls

Particularly interesting is the PaintStar shelf system that breathes new life into outdated filter technology, such as spray walls with folding carton or filter mat systems. Even the high-maintenance and cost-intensive, water-sprinkled spray walls can also be upgraded easily. Höcker’s retrofit modernisation not only works with PaintStar spray walls but can also be installed in systems from other manufacturers. The filter shelf is simply installed in front of the existing spray wall and the user immediately benefits from all the advantages that the Paintblock principle brings with it.

This allows the paint shop to focus more on delivering the perfect paint results. And when it does become necessary to replace the Paintblocks, the Höcker PaintStar shelf system makes it child’s play.

In certain circumstances, underfloor extraction units can also be converted to use the new filter cubes. Here again, less frequent, faster and more ergonomic filter changes are the positive result.

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