PaintStar U

Underfloor-paintmist extraction systems provide best surface quality, more work safety and better economical production conditions. Due to the construction this type offers a lot of free moving space during lacquering and hence an excellent working comfort.

The PaintStar U series from Höcker Polytechnik is suitable for all needs and can easily be combined with paint mist extraction walls for the lacquering of window frames or doors. Paint mist and dissolvants sink downwards due to the law of gravity. PaintStar U supports this vertical flow direction. In combination with an adjusted supply air cover a low turbulence vertical air flow is produced.

The branch canals 500 mm width with staggered perforated plates provide the exact dosing of the air volume for the whole surface. Each main collector can be adjusted by the help of special regulation- and reducing elements at the exact air volume. Hence the paint mist is captured effectively and bounded in the concertina filter underneath the grates. PaintStar U guarantees long durability and low operation costs.

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