PHSH combi shredder for corrugated cardboard and cardboard tubes

The most economical shredder solution for the paper and corrugated board industry

Where production waste arises from cardboard, paper or cardboard tubes, the combined high performance shredder PHSH creates new spaces. As a popular and reliable “shredding centre” it prepares the resulting production waste optimally for further processing in container or baler compactors.

The high performance shredders from the PHSH series shred all paper and corrugated cardboard waste as well as cardboard tubes and prepare this for pressing. The PHSH shredder is the perfect solution for the paper industry and corrugated cardboard production and processing in order to prepare large sheets and cardboard tubes for the recycling of waste paper.Thanks to its three slow-moving shafts, the cardboard shredder reliably shreds the inserted sheets using the tear/cutting principle. This minimises the costs of wear and tear and reduces maintenance requirements in comparison to a granulator.


PHS Hochleistungsschredder - Schredder für Wellpappe und Papier. Hülsenschredder für Papphülsen in der Druckindustrie und Wellpappenverarbeitung

The integrated tube shredder with automatic tube feeder shreds the cardboard tubes so that they can be pressed together with the rest of the paper. Therefore the often inefficient separate disposal of cardboard tubes is eliminated.

Thanks to its robust construction and its powerful drives, this industry shredder is perfect for continuous use in all companies in the paper and corrugated cardboard industry. This cardboard and tube shredder, developed especially for the paper industry, offers high processing performance with low power consumption.



PHSH - Shredder
Working width: 1,800 mm,
Discharge: conveyor belt
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Technical Data

Working width: 1,200 mm - 2,500 mm
Power: 18 kW- 22 kW
Throughput: up to 8 t/h (depending on material)
Cutting shafts: with mounted blades or
with cast teeth
Tubes: max. 150 mm Diameter
Control: easy to use control panel
Discharge: pneumatic or with conveyor belt
Standard colour: HÖCKER blue, RAL 5005
(customer specific corporate colours optional)

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