Edgetrim extraction on a corrugator

Solutions for optimum edgetrim disposal in corrugated cardboard production

In corrugated cardboard manufacturing, high-performance extraction of the trimmings ensures safe and reliable production processes. HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK is a world-leading manufacturer of trim extraction systems.

The HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK experts perfectly adapt the extraction systems for edging and trimmings to the processes and train of machines in modern, high-performance corrugated cardboard plants. From web edge trimming to centre cuts, from microwave corrugated board to triple corrugated cardboard – at web speeds of 350 m/min and grammages of 2000 g/m2 – HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK edgetrim systems are based on more than 25 years of experience. This means the client can concentrate entirely on production operations since operation of the trimmings extraction system is fully automated.

Here is how it works!

  • Trimmings and also dust are extracted at high speed in a vacuum
  • Special chopperfans for edge trim breaks up the strips to a manageable size
  • The pneumatic conveying system transports the shredded trimmings
  • Material separators remove the cause material of paper from the dustladen air
  • A MultiStar filter unit with integrated clean air fan and dust briquetting press ensures clean exhaust/return air and optimum dust handling
  • Bale or container presses turn “cumbersome” trimmings into valuable recycled paper

Thousands of metres of waste paper are processed and disposed of, fully automated.

Talk to your HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK industry expert for further information about the innovative solutions for trimmings.

Edgetrim extraction in corrugated board processing (video)


Edgetrim extraction (corrugated cardboard)
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