PHH Shredder for cores

Profitable cardboard core recycling – a job for the PHH core shredder

Robust and unwieldy cardboard cores are a real challenge for disposal processes in paper and cardboard processing. Cores cannot be transported with conveyor belts nor pressed in container and baling presses. Even though cardboard cores are a valuable resource, they have been disposed of separately so far and often at a cost. This expensive special treatment not only costs money but time as well. However, shredded cardboard cores are easily integrated into existing recycling processes. This increases recycled paper proceeds, minimises storage space and lowers personnel and logistics costs.

With the new generation of the PHH core shredder, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH is presenting the fully revised version of the successful shredder model. This robust and fully automated machine shreds up to 120 cardboard cores (length: 3m) per hour. The core is simply inserted in the feeder, which automatically draws in cardboard cores up to 160 mm in diameter and with a wall thickness of up to 30 mm. Shredded cardboard that can be recycled with regular waste paper is the result. The company saves money with every shredded cardboard core.

The payback is convincing. If approximately 1,500 to 1,800 cardboard cores are shredded per month and the disposal costs are imputed with the waste paper proceeds, such a device is amortised in less than two years. Enthusiastic PHH users confirm this calculation after several months of actual use. If the minimisation of storage and personnel costs were taken into account, the numbers would look even better.

Some technical details about the new PHH core shredder: Weighing more than two tons, the device is extremely robust. The processing section is protected by steel sheet walls that are 20 mm thick. A pneumatically controlled draw unit and the cutting knives made of special steel are designed for a long service life.

A frequency-controlled 22 kW motor drives the cutting unit. Current peaks at start-up are therefore suppressed and the PLC has full control over the entire drive unit. The intelligent infeed control regulates feeding so that consistent shredding is ensured. Frequency control lowers power consumption by an additional 15% compared to the preceding model.

Since the device is ready to go in less than a minute, continuous operation while of course possible is by no means mandatory. Just turn it on, power it up and start loading cores.

The PHH shredder is easily integrated into existing waste paper disposal systems with a pneumatic transport system or conveyor belt. The shredded cores can be readily pressed into bales or processed later in container presses.

With the new PHH core shredder, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK has developed and realised a powerful, industrial shredder for core disposal. Thanks to the high throughput rate, the device pays for itself quickly. Shredding cardboard cores really pays off.

The PHH Shredder in practical use (Video)


PHH - Shredder
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