Industrial fans

Industrial fans from HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH are the most quiet running, reliable and energy efficient core of your ventilation system. Each fan is specially designed for its specific application and thus produces the best possible efficiency. Through the use of energy efficient motors and frequency inverters, you lower the overall power consumption of your ventilation system.

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Retrofit option

Exchanging your old fans with modern, energy efficient fans, reduces energy costs significantly and also minimises acoustic emissions. Replacement of the old with the new can quickly pay for itself in a time of ever increasing energy prices.

Energy efficient operation

Higher efficiency saves energy and reduces costs. The technicians at HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK develop fans with high efficiency, customised for your specific applications. Additionally, energy efficient motors and frequency inverters increase overall efficiency.

Reliable, long running

The HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH fans have been continuously evolving over the past 50 years, and convince with their long lasting duration in daily use. They are the solid and low-maintenance heart of your ventilation or extraction system.

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