DustStar sanding dust extraction system

Complete system for the extraction of sanding dust using a recirculated air process

The professional sands and polishes. The DustStar captures the dust.
While you sand or polish, your DustStar reliably extracts the fine dust. There can be no better division of labour. The DustStar is easy to use, tremendously effective and of course tested for wood dust (GS-HO-11).
Sanding and fine dust is cleaned and discharged through a 2-stage filter system with 16 m2 filter area indoors and ~2 m2 in the air inlet duct (M5 filter mats). The filtering is highly efficient and enables the easy recirculation* of the filtered air into the working space. This retains valuable heat energy and simplifies the installation of the DustStar. Simply set up, connect and start sanding.
* Air recirculation only allowed with non-toxic or non-carcinogenic dust, e.g. wood dust

Who likes fine dust?
Actually only your DustStar sanding dust extraction system because it ...

  • quietly extracts the sanding and polishing dust in the background.
  • operates using the vacuum method – energy-saving and without disturbing drafts.
  • cleans the durable filter bags automatically using the vibration method.
  • is optionally available with a switch box on the left (standard) or on the right.
  • has been developed by the experts in extraction technology.
    We at HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK have been developing and manufacturing extraction systems for the woodworking trade for more than 50 years. We know what is important in workshops.

Technical specifications

See product brochure DustStar.


  • Wood-dust-tested according to GS-HO-11
  • The equipment complies with the EC Machinery Directive and carries the CE mark and the GS mark for tested safety
  • Enables compliance with the TRK (technical guidance concentration) value in the workplace.
  • Supply air filter with highly efficient M5 filter pads.
  • Interior area with BGIA-tested filter bags
  • No draft exposure. The outflow speed of the return air is extremely low

Economical and cost-effective

  • Long service life of the filter bags
  • Extremely low power consumption, about 1.1kW
  • Very favourable price/performance ratio
  • Low-maintenance operation

Special accessories

  • Equipment for explosion zone 22
  • LED lighting
  • Body spacer for special heights +1,000 mm

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