Energy efficiency systems

Programmable control systems from Höcker Polytechnik reduce the energy consumption of exhaust systems, waste disposal systems or paint mist exhaust systems of up to 60%!
Cost management is one of the most important challenges of today. Modern control systems with electronical speed control reduce energy costs and save cash money.

Our systems

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Energy saving concept

The Höcker Polytechnik field engineers take the actual data on site and work out a customised energy saving concept. A specially developed software calculates the saving potential. And the most important: the price benefit ratio is as good that the investment amortises in very short time.

Small unit with great potential

The higher the required pressure increase of the fans, the higher the energy costs per m³ of exhausted air volume. The saving potential by the use of frequency converters of Höcker Polytechnik augments even by only partial utilisation of the plant with increasing pressure. The higher the air volume and the total pressure increase and the bigger the scope of control the higher the cost savings.

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