Waste compacting facilities
For the planning and construction of complete waste disposal installation we rely on balers, stationary compactors and mobile ..

Extraction systems / Dust extractors
Fans and dedusting devices are the most important parts of a suction plant. Höcker Polytechnik is continuously improving the ..

Separators / Cyclones
Material separators and cyclones are used for large-area production waste that has to be separated due to procedural reasons for ..

Biomass and Scrap wood Utilisation
In times of increasing shortage of recourses and the dramatically increase of energy costs and heat supply wood scrap recycling ..

Briquetting presses
Höcker Polytechnik`s briquetting presses incorporate more than 40 years experience in designing and building special purpose ..

Energy efficiency systems
Programmable control systems from Höcker Polytechnik reduce the energy consumption of exhaust systems, waste disposal systems or ..

Deduster/ Mobile suction devices
All Vacumobil Mobile Dedusters from HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK are certified and tested to the strictest standards of the timber trade ..

Paint mist extraction systems / Surface coating technology
Make your products’ perfectly painted surfaces your company’s business card. The modern paint fog extraction systems by ..

Filter systems
For practically any dry separation use, we produce to your specifications a precisely-adapted filtration plant from the modules ..

Shredder / Crusher facilities
High performance shredder type PHS from Höcker Polytechnik are optimised for the comminution and pre-compacting treatment for ..

Air separation / ventilating facilities
The use of modern sorting methods requires high performance and exactly dimensioned ventilation systems, with the essential idea ..

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