Trumpf Biegezelle (Bending Cell) TruBend 5170sx with BendMaster 150

Last Friday, at the headquarters in Hilter, one of the most modern and, in this form, largest CNC sheet metal bending centres in Germany went into operation.

With the bending press TruBend 5170sx all materials and material thicknesses in the portfolio of HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK can be worked and handled by using the automated robot BendMaster 150. The hydraulic press brake has a maximum pressing force of 170 tons, with a max. working width of 4,250 mm. The attached robot allows the processing of workpieces up to 150 kg in weight, with maximum dimensions of the parts up to 1,500 x 3,000 mm. The BendMaster stands on a 14 m long running rail and undertakes the complete handling of the sheet metal, from the extraction, the separating, the feeding and grip, up to the discharge of the finished components. It does not matter whether the components are to be stacked, nested in each other or placed in special stacking racks.
The bending cell can be stocked with up to 20 Euro pallets and operated in an automated and unmanned additional shift.

The new facility was acquired primarily for medium and large series, as well as for components with large dimensions and therefore high unit weights, in order to achieve in this area an even higher level of process safety with even higher reproducibility and to relieve the staff on manual CNC press brakes.

With the stamp and nibbling machine Tru-Punch 5000 additionally coming into service, and also from the firm Trumpf, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK now has the capacity for completely automated prefabrication of sheet metal parts available, in order to produce faster, more flexibly and economically. Alongside, the machinery park is, through its special gripping and handling equipments, matching up to the ever increasing importance of careful surface finishing, which can be seen directly on the end product.

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