New Trumpf punch-nibbling machine goes on line

In 2008/2009 one of the most modern and fast sheet metal forming machines goes on line at the head quarter in Hilter. The Trumpf punch-nibbling machine works more powerful and more efficient than the predecessor model; the power rating and the consumption of the operating medium could be reduced. The choice for this type of machine and the automated expansion of the installation has been developed in col-laboration with the university Duisburg-Essen during a diploma thesis. The complete installation is integrated in the production process at Höcker Polytechnik and at-tached at the existing metal sheet high rack storage area. This enables a fully auto-mated and lights-out multi-shift operation with a wide variety of primary material from standard up to special formats. Therefore the needed materials are given from the high rack storage area to the machine. Completed parts are stacked by the linear conveyor of the machine on the discharge tables, small parts can be discharged separately. Another advantage of the new machine is the burr-free processing of the parts, which is less dangerous during assembly for all staff members, technicians and last but not least for the customer. Waste and cutting scraps that occur during the punching process are milled with the ShearMaster and discharged by the conveying system directly into the container. Thus the new installation enables longer auto-mated production cycles without any operator. Orders can be processed more flexi-ble and reaction and delivery times are shortened.

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