HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK presents a new metal briquetting press with an overdrive-cylinder.

This new generation of hydraulic briquetting presses, BrikStar MD, for the production of high density metal briquettes allows an up to 70% higher throughput with very high briquette compaction. In addition to the recovery of squeezed-out cooling lubricants (CL) and cutting oils, the volume reduction through the briquetting leads to a short amortisation period. By using the latest hydraulic components, the energy consumption, when compared with the previous HLS-Metal series, could be further reduced, because more energy efficiency and CL recycling are not only trendy, but they also save money and spare the environment. Many users in Europe and around the world are convinced of this.

Thus, for example, BrikStar MD machines were delivered in South Africa to DMS Powders, to the world's largest producer of ferro silicones, and in Brazil to Tormep, a highly modern company in the field of metalworking.

As with the other models in the BrikStar series, clients can here also select between various methods of feeding and various storage reservoirs, so as to customize the machine fully to their needs. The machines are fully equipped, including oil cooling, CL pump for recycling the squeezed-out emulsions and cutting oils, e.g. into an existing filter system / recycling plant.

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