First class process waste disposal in the manufacturing of folding boxes with HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK

Statement:  "Our automated chad extraction systems are an important component of today's modern punch press systems used in the manufacturing of folding boxes. Powerful punch de-dusting is of ever-increasing importance to the product quality of the packaging materials, especially in food packaging. Our systems are often an essential component of our customers' efficiency programs for the continuous improvement of processes and quality. HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK is a competent partner to its customers, offering a complete system produced in-house and distinguished by high energy efficiency. And since the disposal is entirely automated, our customers can fully focus on production."

Frank Höcker, Managing Shareholder of Höcker Polytechnik GmbH

Customer demands on product packaging are ever-increasing, and manufacturers of folding boxes are increasingly producing premium packaging. Core competency is often very high quality consumer goods packaging for premium foods, cosmetic products and perfumes. The road to refined luxury packaging leads past state-of-the-art print- and refinement technologies, with the goal being, for example, the elegant perfume cartons many readers may have held in their hands already, maybe around Christmas.

Many packaging manufacturers are modernizing their machine pools, where modern high performance punch presses process up to 9,000 sheets per hour 24 hours a day. With such increases in productivity, the disposal concept for the center-breakout and the punch scrap must be reevaluated. Many packaging manufacturers count on HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH in Hilter a.T.W. as their experienced partner. In close cooperation with the folding box experts, the HÖCKER team develops solutions that save energy and run with a highest degree of reliability.

The center-breakout and the punch scrap are removed fully automatic. As the used solid board is robust and sometimes coated or laminated, a gripper edge shredder of the PHSS series developed by Höcker Polytechnik is deployed at each punch press. These well-established and proven special shredders run reliably with varying materials and shred even large production volumes and a wide range of grammages without any problems. The punch scraps are shredded into small cardboard pieces, and their transport for processing through a HÖCKER Polytechnik pneumatic extraction system is fully automated.

Specially shaped suction hoods below the punch presses extract light grammages and small punch scraps of the center-breakout directly at high speeds. For the processing of larger punch scraps HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK shredders of the PHSS series are used. The shredder is offered in different variants and is placed below the punching station or at the end of the conveyor belt in the area of the punching station.

The HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK PHSS shredder series works by the cut-and-tear principle without the blades touching each other. PHSS shredders distinguish themselves with very high performance at very low wear.

Type-separation is an important issue in process waste disposal and it increases recycling yields. Each punch press has its own disposal line with a sorting diverter. On the punch press, the cardboard quality is set with the type selector, the diverter will then automatically switch and the cardboard scraps will be transported type-sorted over distances even above 160 meters to the appropriate container press or bale press in the disposal center, using a pneumatic low-pressure process.

Ideally two to four container presses should be available for scrap paper disposal. Before the presses, dust and board pieces are separated using HÖCKER material separators of the PMA-U type. Often two different paper qualities are specified. If one press is full, the second container press will automatically be filled.

Having the MultiStar Filter System by HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK work in the background means using a filter series that has proven itself a thousandfold. MultiStar filters are ATEX shock pressure resistant and can be configured for any application.

The compact MultiStar JP 5/5 filter system shown on the photo, for example, has an installation footprint of merely 9 m2. It works with a vacuum and ensures the pneumatic material transport and the disposal of paper dusts. The filter material is cleaned with a fully automatic jet cleaner. With the two frequency-controlled clean air fans integrated into the fan mounting module, the system becomes a powerful but also energy-efficient solution. The frequency-controlled fans are controlled with a proven control system in dependence of the punch presses currently in use. Thus, it always provides the actually required performance - a very energy-efficient control system for 24 hour operation.

In the base of the filter system a BrikStar briquetting press does its work. The paper dusts pressed into briquettes here no longer pose an explosion risk and the storage of the briquettes is simple.

Almost 100% de-dusting efficiency allow the recycling of filtered air from the production facilities. During the winter months, this allows substantial savings on heating costs.

For many of our renowned customers such as MM Packaging, H.O. Persiehl, Schumacher, Topac, DS Smith, Rondo and many others we have successfully implemented these fully automated systems in a great cooperation between two teams. The experts of packaging manufacturers know how to optimally refine cardboard, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK takes care of the rest. In many situations, the entire disposal system can be installed during regular operation. Idle times are therefore prevented.

(Authors: Frank Höcker and Diethard Beutel)


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