Bagging carousels create automated options for the sale and disposal of briquettes

For companies that produce significant quantities of briquettes from their waste materials, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK has now developed a carousel for the automated bagging of briquettes and presented it for the first time at LIGNA in Hannover.

This device allows for a reduction in personnel costs for the monitoring or emptying of the briquette catchment container, or better employment of the staff elsewhere – but the machine operator continues to enjoy the possibility of bagging his briquettes in predetermined units of weight or bags and to configure the sale or further exploitation of the briquettes more economically.

Different models, in regard to ease of work and function, offer a number of possibilities. With a total of 8 individual sack stations on the carousel, a considerable amount of briquettes can be bagged automatically. The filled bags can then be changed through a signal from the control centre. The fill weight is adjustable as required.

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