Facts and figures

  • Founded 1962
  • Over 55,000 units sold worldwide
  • Market leader for extraction and filter systems, as well as pneumatic conveyors for the carton and corrugated fibreboard industry in Germany
  • 300 employees (incl. subsidiaries)
  • 26 of which as trainees
  • Main factory in Hilter with numerous domestic and foreign branches, technical offices and dealers
  • Wholly-owned sales companies in Poland, Russia and Switzerland
  • Turnover 2017: 44 million Euro (including subsidiaries)

Corporate Mission Statement

Competence and Quality
We provide our customers with high quality machinery, equipment and solutions for individual applications - delivered quickly and reliably. Our employees are well-trained experts and provide competent and reliable support to interested parties and customers. From the initial project sketches through to commissioning, our focus is always placed on customer benefit and satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations. In so doing, we always bear our core competences in mind and know and respect our boundaries. We learn from our mistakes and correct them diligently.

Economy and Reliability
Our products are "Made in Europe" – we are an owner-managed family company with our own production sites in Germany and Poland. Our strong equity ratio and economic business negotiations ensure our independence and flexibility. We handle our resources sparingly and offer our customers an exceptional price-performance ratio, a high level of efficiency and a consistently high level of quality. Our dealings with business partners and with one another is characterised by fairness; we communicate openly, quickly and in a friendly and clear manner.

Health and Safety
Our products and solutions consistently comply with current state-of-the-art safety technology. The design of workstations and of tasks and areas of responsibility avoids placing our employees under health strain. We consider active employment and environmental protection to be a significant prerequisite to sustainability. We encourage and mutually respect one another. Praise, recognition and the ability to accept criticism define our working climate. We enjoy our work and complete tasks with great passion and sporting spirit.

Continuous further development
The continual improvement of services, products and processes is firmly embedded within our organisational processes. In this regard, we communicate regularly with suppliers and customers and involve them in the development process. Here the focus is placed not only on function, but also on the low resource consumption of our products. It is our desire that all those involved perceive us as a valuable part of our world.

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