Warendorfer Küchen GmbH, Warendorf

MultiStar filter installation assures safe and efficient chip- and dust extraction at a premium kitchen manufacturer. Additionally the background noise has been reduced to a minimum. A pneumatic high-pressure-conveying system transports the chips into a silo some 300m away.

Year of construction:   2010
Description of installation:   Two filter installations MultiStar SL 18/6-816 (scavenging-air filter) and
a filter installation MultiStar SQ 10/5-288 (scavenging-air filter) in the manufacture of plastics
Filter surface:   1.920 m2
Air volume:   188.000 m3/h
Fans:   4 external clean-air fans D 800, 75 kW
Discharge:   via conveying chain-knife feeders
Control:   Control cabinet incl. PLC-control
Special features:   4 return-air-towers incl. baffle silencer and process visualizing 


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